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Women Artists and Their Stories

Why do humans make art? What does the art we make say about who we are?

For Women’s History Month we focuse on women artists, and the stories they tell through their art.


Women Artists: Works from the National Museum of Women in the Arts

by Nancy G. Heller.

Take a stroll through the Museum’s extensive  permanent collection without leaving home.


Seeing Ourselves: Women’s Self-Portraits

by Frances Borzello.

An in-depth presentation of how women artists have chosen to picture themselves.



Creating Their Own Image: the History of African-American Women Artists

by Lisa E. Farrington

For over 3 centuries African-American women artists have created an alternative vision of how women of color are represented in American culture.


Ann Hamilton

by Joan Simon

A 118-foot-long wall seems to weep as droplets of water ooze from thousands of tiny holes…750,000 pennies form a vast copper mosaic….


Camille: The Life of Camille Claudel, Rodin’s Muse and Mistress

by Reine-Marie Paris, translated from the French by Liliane Emery Tuck

Many people know the famous sculptures of Rodin, but few know that his muse and mistress was also a very talented artist in her own right.


Magdalena Abakanowicz

by Barbara Rose

An international sculptor who’s vision developed under the hostile eyes of Poland’s former repressive Communist regime.


Mary Cassatt

by Susan E. Meyer

The life and work of the strong-willed American woman who studied in Paris and became a noted contributor to the Impressionist movement.


See and learn more in person by visiting the National Museum of Women in the Arts, or browse their extensive database of women artists.

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