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Go Inside North Korea This Month

It may be the most mysterious and brutal place on Earth.

North Korea, the regime created following World War II, remains a totalitarian dictatorship controlled by one family holding nuclear weapons and hundreds of thousands of political prisoners locked away.

Never far from the headlines, North Korea’s future grew even more clouded with Kim Jong-un’s sudden rise last December following the death of his father.

Malnutrition across the country is the norm, while the cult of personality now focuses on a 29-year-old, Kim Jong-un, the youngest head of state in the world.


This month, Arlington Public Library presents two critically acclaimed authors who have recently pulled back some of the heavy veil that hangs over the “Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.”


June 14
Friends of Arlington Public Library feature author Adam Johnson, whose novel The Orphan Master’s Son, opens a window to everyday life under the North Korean propaganda machine.
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June 20 
PBS Frontline correspondent Blaine Harden discusses the story of Shin Dong-hyuk, the only person to escape North Korea after being born and bred inside one of its horrific slave labor camps. Escape from Camp 14 is currently on the New York Times bestseller list.
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Arlington Public Library takes you inside North Korea this June to explore the volatility of a nation lost to time and fear.





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  1. heather stevens says:

    thanks for hosting these wonderful authors. I just finished one of the books – from the library, btw, and it was fascinating. I assume we do NOT have to register in advance, is that correct? thanks for your reply

    • Public Information Officer says:

      We look forward to seeing you Heather. No registration required. First-come, first-served seating in the Central Library Auditorium.

  2. Suzanne McIntire says:

    Did you say what time these talks are?

  3. Arlington Public Library, Public Information says:

    Hello Ms. McIntire–

    Both author talks are at 7 p.m.

    The post links to more information on each event but here are those links:

    Hope you can attend both. Thanks for the interest.

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