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Your Best Route to the Library

Walk, Bus, Metro and BikeShare

Find your options, then find your way to the Library.

October is National Energy Awareness Month, Oct. 3 is International Walk and Bike to School Day and heavy automobile traffic in Northern Virginia is as predictable as a sunrise.

So what better time to find the most sustainable ways to travel to and from Arlington’s eight public libraries?

Simply decide which library you wish to visit using the Library website, click on its name and look for the Arlington County Commuter Services transit icon next to the library address. (That other icon leads to a helpful Google map.)

Each library has its own customized transportation page built by our Commuter Services friends, where you’ll find transit routes and even real-time arrivals and alerts.

So get your shoes on, grab your Library card and maybe a SmarTrip card or BikeShare key (and helmet) and head on out.

Visit Central on Oct. 13 for the County’s first-ever Energy Scavenger Hunt.

And don’t forget to check out BikeArlington and WalkArlington for more tips on getting around without leaving those unsightly carbon footprints.


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  1. Colleen says:

    This is perfect! As a volunteer at the library, I regularly reference the library website for maps and directions to other branches. The next question is often “can I take the bus to that branch?” This will help me answer that question easily. Thank you, APL and Commuter Services!

  2. Sarah says:

    This funny, given what is happening at Cherrydale branch.

    I drop off my books at Cherrydale Library. It has a sign on the door saying (paraphrasing) – “if the box is full, don’t try and stuff in more books – drive to another library instead”.

    Why is Cherrydale suggesting that I drive maybe 3 miles out of my way over to Westover, or drive to Central, find a park, and walk some distance to find the drop off box. Isn’t this recommendation increasing unsightly carbon footprints?

    Wouldn’t it be better to enlarge the capacity for returned books at Cherrydale rather than suggesting that people drive all over the county to drop off books, or come back later when their books are overdue?

    I hope this problem can be fixed in support of National Energy Awareness Month!!

    • Public Information Officer says:

      Thank you for taking the time to get in touch with us to share your concerns about the book drop at Cherrydale Branch Library. One of our constant challenges at the branch is dealing with space limitations and the constraints of an older building. The physical size of our book drop is as large as the space permits.

      I’m sorry that on the day you visited you found that the box was full and were unable to return your books. Staff empty the book drop on a regular basis. Even on long holiday weekends, staff are assigned to come in and make sure that the book drop does not overflow. Occasionally, when the book drop is not full, the shoot can get clogged with books. A gentle nudge with the book you are trying to put through the slot will free up the shoot and the books will flow more easily into the book drop.

      Also, any item borrowed from Arlington Public Library can be returned at any of our eight locations should you be passing a different library than the one you usually visit.

      Hopefully, this will not happen again. We will continue to be diligent with emptying the book drop. Please feel free to contact the branch directly if you have any further issues.

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