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Where is Everyone Going? Picture Books about Animal Migration

Four Books to Read Together

Your preschooler or young elementary school child will  love these wonderful stories about animals on the move:


Turtle Bay
By Saviour Pirotta

Ages: 5+

Taro is fascinated by the mysterious Jiro-San, even though everyone, including Taro’s sister Yuko, thinks he’s strange. One day, Jiro-San tells Taro that his “old friends” will be coming to visit soon. Taro realizes that these friends are sea turtles returning to their nesting grounds to bury their eggs. Jiro-San, Taro, and Yuko greet these old friends–and welcome the new babies as they make their own journey to the sea.



Forever Friends
By Carin Berger

Ages: 3+

A little brown bunny and a small blue bird are the best of friends, playing together through spring, summer, and fall. When winter draws near, the small blue bird tells bunny that she must leave but promises to return soon.




Those Darn Squirrels Fly South
By Adam Rubin

Ages: 3+

Old Mr. Fookwire, his birds, and those adorable squirrels are back! This time, Mr. Fookwire follows his birds on their southward migration to Mexico–but he ruffles their feathers when he turns his attention to the tropical ornithology he finds there. But never fear! Those darn squirrels bring everything to rights again.



By Maxine Trotter

Ages: 6+

When we talk about migration with kids, we sometimes forget that people are migrants too. Anna is the child of German migrant workers, and can only imagine a life settled in just one place. This book gives a wonderful glimpse into the hopes of a young migrant through the whimsical collage illustrations of Anna’s dreams.



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