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Books and Songs for Being Together

We had a blast today with at the Preschool Valentine’s Dance Party!

Now that your little ones have danced their hearts out in the name of love, it’s time to snuggle up with a good book about that wonderful four letter word…


We Go Together! A Curious Selection of Affectionate Verse

By Calef Brown

Ages 5-8

There’s no better time than Valentine’s Day to read poetry. Poet and illustrator Calef Brown put a twist on every kind of love, from best friends to siblings, with lines like: “Your smile/quite easily/could warm the Arctic Sea,/which wouldn’t be good–/no siree.” The book’s small size also makes it a perfect fit for a cuddly read.


No More Kisses!

By Margaret Wild and Nina Rycroft

Ages 2-5

A sheep and a mouse chase a piglet named Baby all around the garden, giving him kisses until he says, “Stop!” But do the sheep and mouse listen? Nah! With whooshes down a slide and wriggle, squiggles through tunnels, the sheep and mouse will stop at nothing to give Baby kisses–until Baby turns the tables on them. A playful picture book that will give you and your little one plenty of opportunities for more snuggles and kisses.


Ten Things I Love About You

By Daniel Kirk

Ages 4-6

Rabbit drops in on his friend Pig to let him know that he’s making a list of ten things he loves about Pig. The only problem is that he really needs Pig’s help to finish it, and Pig is really busy. Each time Pig tries to ask Rabbit to come back later, Rabbit thinks of another thing that he loves about pig. By the end of the story, Rabbit finds out what Pig was working so hard on–a list of ten things he loves about his friend Rabbit.



Henry in Love

By Peter McCarty

Ages 4-6

It’s a normal school day for Henry, with a little game of catch at the beginning, class, another game of tag after, and a blueberry muffin waiting for him at snacktime. But what makes that day–and every day–special is Chloe, whom Henry thinks is the prettiest girl in class. When everyone comes in after recess, Henry’s day gets even better when his teacher rearranges the desks so that he gets to sit next to Chloe. Only, when snacktime comes, Chloe asks Henry to trade her carrot for that scrumptious blueberry muffin. How can he say no?


I Like You the Best

By Carol Thompson

Ages 3-6

Dolly the pig like to play by herself the best–unless she can play with her friend Jack Rabbit. All they ever do is have fun together. But what was supposed to be a fun drawing session goes awry and they promise never to be friends again. The only thing is, not being friends is really lonely, so Dolly and Jack Rabbit learn to get past their differences and go back to liking each other the best.


Want to throw your own Valentine’s Dance Party at home? Check out our playlist from the event!


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