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Picture Books for a Storytime Hiatus

It’s Storytime Break, and Spring Break! Don’t worry: the break ends April 1.

Spring Break is a Time to Cut Loose, Have Fun, and Make Memories. Or to sit at home bored, waiting for your friends to come back from their fabulous vacations…

But no matter what you and your kids are doing for spring break, we have books to help you celebrate:


The Patterson Puppies and the Rainy Day

What happens when it rains over spring break? Why, an indoor beach party of course! The Patterson puppies get creative when they’re trapper indoors one rainy day and make their own make-believe beach party.




Cha Cha Chimps

Mambo Jambo’s is the hippest place to be when you want to dance into the night. That is, until Mama Chimp sends everyone to bed and has a surprise party of her own.





I’m Bored

By Michael Ian Black

Spring Break is a time of either beaches, family reunions, or unbearable boredom. This book is about the latter. A girl is very bored until she finds a potato who finds her to be the boring one. The girl goes wild proving how interesting, enigmatic, and exciting kids can be.





By Marc Rosenthal

“Phooey!” a boy exclaims. “Nothing ever happens around here!” he yells. He kicks a can in frustration, which flies by a pigeon and thwacks a cat sleeping in a tree, starting a domino effect that makes the boy’s town alot more interesting.




Are we there yet?

The title phrase is awfully (painfully) familiar for road-tripping families and is repeated often throughout this story of a mother and her ducklings waddling toward their pond.




Punk Farm

By Jarrett J. Krosoczka

When Farmer Joe goes to bed, his farm animals put on a secret punk rock show for the other animals! They have a rockin’ good time–all while Farmer Joe is snoozing happily at home.




 Spring Storytimes start April 2 – Check out the full schedule.


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