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Our Year-Round Earth Day HQ

Welcome to one of our periodic looks at how the Library chooses and acquires the materials that end up on our shelves.

Here’s the latest from the chief of the Library’s Materials Management Division, Rachel Wood.


Earth Day Never Ends in the Friends Donation Sorting Room

We are always thrilled to receive your gently used books (and other items) at the Library. Most donations go to our Friends of the Arlington Public Library bi-annual book sale, but we do add many to the Library’s collection. Here’s how it works:

sorting room

Friends book donation volunteers sort through all the print material, music and video we receive. Most go into boxes for the next big sale, but the volunteers check in regularly with our Collection Development librarians to find out what titles we can’t get enough of.

Like-new copies of bestsellers, books with high holds, classics, book club favorites, and kids’ series that constantly wear out might all end up on the librarians’ desks to be considered for the collection. We use them to replace worn out or lost copies, fill in gaps, or shorten your wait for hot titles.

Thanks to you, we hardly ever buy new copies of ”The Great Gatsby” or “Catch 22,” and have shortened the wait for titles like “Hunger Games” and “Cutting for Stone.” All together, we add about 5000 books and DVDs a year to Library collections without spending a cent.

So thank you for all the great donations, thanks to our wonderful Friends volunteers, and happy Earth Day every day!

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