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Hachette eBooks Have Arrived

Welcome to one of our periodic looks at how the Library chooses and acquires the materials that end up on our shelves.

Here’s the latest from the chief of the Library’s Materials Management Division, Rachel Wood.


More to Choose From for eBook Fans

We welcome the addition of the major publisher Hachette to our OverDrive collection this week.

After two years of pilot testing, Hachette has decided to offer their entire eBook catalog to public libraries.

As a result, we’ve added Hachette’s best new fiction and nonfiction.

The biggest new titles are:

We’ve also added a good selection of backlist fiction titles from top Hachette authors including Patterson, Baldacci, Douglas Preston, M.C. Beaton, Margaret Maron, Marcia Muller and Ian Rankin, as well as backlist nonfiction in the categories of business, self-help, parenting and health.

New eBook kids and teen reads include:


While the publishing industry and public library worlds are still trying to adjust to new technologies and new ways of doing business, we think Hachette has taken a step in the right direction.

And remember: If there’s a title you want to see in the Library’s collection–either in hard-copy form or digital–we always welcome your suggestions.

Looks like publishers are starting to welcome ours.



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