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Happy Father’s Day!

Picture Books to Celebrate Dad

Books to read with your little ones, to celebrate the way Dads teach us, laugh with us, help us and share our adventures:

The Deer Watch
By Pat Lowery Collins

A young boy accompanies his father on a woodland tour in the hope of spotting a deer, a shared quest that takes them over dunes and through a marsh into a wooded area filled with captivating wildlife.





Everyone Can Learn to Ride a Bicycle
By Chris Raschka

A father teaches his daughter all about bicycle riding, from selecting the right bike to trying again after a fall.





Hug a Bull
By Aaron Zenz

Delightful illustrations of animal dads and the masculine names for them along with short funny expressions said by one of their offspring like a MALE sheep — Embrace yourself…my dad might RAM you and a MALE goose…Take a look …my dad’s a GANDER.




Surfer Chick
By Kristy Dempsey

The story of a little chick and her dad who take to the beach where he teaches her how to surf.





My Dad is Big and Strong, But… A Bedtime Story
By Coralie Saudo

Every night it’s the same old thing, with dad refusing to go to bed. He wants to play, read stories, even sleep with me, and when he makes his pleading face, I always give in and read him another story. But that’s it, since enough is enough. When it get’s really tough, I tell myself, “Have courage. We’re al- most there.”




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