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A Story About Living With Type 1 Diabetes

Book Bubble: Clara Guevara and Glugar Sugar

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With Special Guests Dr. Otilia Neacsu, Lori Callahan and Nico Piro.

You can read more stories about Clara’s life with type 1 diabetes on


Learn More About Type 1 Diabetes and Kids:


Books for Kids about Difficult Diseases:

Even Little Kids Get Diabetes
by Connie White Pirner

A young girl who has had diabetes since she was two years old describes her adjustments to the disease.



Living with Diabetes
by Shirley Wimbish Gray

The chronic condition of diabetes is explained to help children better understand and cope with the condition and to educate regarding the prospects for a cure.



Peter, the Knight with Asthma
by Janna Matthies

When he begins to cough and wheeze while pretending he is a knight slaying dragons, Peter is taken to the doctor and learns he has asthma and what he can do to control its symptoms.


Abby’s Asthma and the Big Race
by Theresa Martin Golding

Abby is practicing for the big race, but she is worried that her asthma will stop her from winning.



Living with Epilepsy
by Shirley Wimbish Gray

Do you know someone who has epilepsy? This book covers what it’s like to have epilepsy, who gets epilepsy, the search for a cure for epilepsy, and more.



When Someone You Love has CancerWhen Someone You Love Has Cancer: A Guide to Help Kids Cope
by Alaric Lewis

Child-friendly language and illustrations help to explain what cancer is, the terminology surrounding its treatment, and the potential consequences of the disease, as well as the healthy emotional reactions children may have when someone in their life has cancer.


The Long and the Short of It: A Tale about Hair
by Barbara Meyers and Lydia Criss Mays

Isabel and Emma are two girls with “hair problems.” One wants her hair to be longer; the other has lost her hair because of cancer treatment and would just like it back. Each girl’s experience leads her to a new understanding: for Isabel, the realization that she can help someone through giving her hair away; for Emma, the emotion of losing her hair while finding that others want to help.


Book Bubble is a co-production of Arlington Independent Media and the Arlington County Public Library, and is funded by the Friends of the Arlington Public Library.


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