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By Appointment: Exclusive Research Help

When you have more than a quick question about business

Arlington Public Library offers free scheduled appointments with our business librarian for those seeking specifics for a small business or project.

It’s an opportunity to work uninterrupted with a research expert who can offer an approach and resources that just don’t exist on Google.

Sign-ups are easy with sessions taking place at a mutally convenient time in Central Library.

Coming soon: appointment opportunities with other members of the Library’s talented team of information specialists. And no matter the subject, you can always get in touch with Library staff in a variety of ways.

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  1. Jesse says:

    What a creative way of making use of Arlington Librarians’ expertise. Good stuff.

  2. Gretchen Robertson says:

    Glad to see that you are reinstating a service that has long been available. In 1992 when I began work on my Thesis, I made an appt. with a librarian designated as the “Electronic Search Specialist.” The Internet was, in those days, not the wide open window to the world that we take for granted today. Access was limited and ISP licenses were expensive. She talked with me about my proposed topic, suggested search terms, suggested a search strategy, and collected my check for $30. (As I said, computer time and Internet access was very expensive in those days.) Three days later I came back for my printout…reams and reams of bibliography, abstracts, names of universities conducting similar research. That $30 saved me hours of wasted time and heaven only knows how much in postage and phone calls. Yes, I completed the thesis, got the degree, and developed a life-long respect for the value added when you contact a skilled librarian. I definitely urge researchers to take advantage of this service.

    • Jesse says:

      I agree. Using a skilled librarian in research is key. Though, I would have to disagree that the internet is a “wide open window.” Most of the top level information in this world is located behind subscription or pay walls.

      That being said, the internet as we use it today can at least point to the existence of those resources and the use of a librarian is essential to working through the myriad of pathways necessary to find what one needs,

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