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6 Cool OverDrive Tips

OverDrive insider woman reading eBook on iPad

Love eBooks and eAudiobooks from the library?

Here are a few OverDrive user tips, to make reading and listening even easier:

1. Early Returns – Have you read or listened to all 10 books checked out on your OverDrive account, but your lending period isn’t over? Return them early!  Then you can check out more, and someone else can get the ones you returned.

2. Renewals – Can’t finish your OverDrive book before it expires?  Renew it! If there are no holds on a book, renewing puts you in line to borrow it again as soon as your first checkout expires. This option becomes available three days before your book’s due date – you’ll find the link next to the book title in your OverDrive account Bookshelf.

3. Read eBooks Online - You don’t need an app or eReader device to read many of our eBooks. OverDrive Read allows you to read the eBook right in your web browser. And if you want to read your eBook even when you’re not connected to the internet (like on an airplane), just download and bookmark it in your browser.

4. eAudiobooks and EPUBs on the Kindle Fire  - Download the OverDrive app to your Kindle Fire, and you can read ePUB books and listen to mp3 eAudiobooks directly from the app. You can also read OverDrive Read eBooks in your Kindle Fire’s browser.

OverDrive wish list

Put it on your Wish List!

5. Wish List - To keep track of the books you want to read or listen to later, click on the ribbon hanging under the book cover. The ribbon will appear red in the catalog and the title will appear in your OverDrive account wish list.

6. Synching Devices – Do you want to read or listen to books on multiple devices and computers? Sign into OverDrive One from your OverDrive app (you’ll have to create an account the first time you do so), and sync your progress and bookmarks across multiple devices and/or computers.

Going Beyond OverDrive

Looking for more non-fiction? Try EBSCO eBooks or eBooks from the Gale Virtual Reference Library. We also offer many other eBook resources just for kids.


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