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Checking Out Just Got Neater

Maybe you’re a paper receipts kind of person. Or maybe you’re someone who keeps track of things online. Or maybe you’re OK with no receipts at all.

Now the choice is yours when you borrow materials from the Library.Email Receipt

When you use any Arlington Public Library self-check station, you now have the choice of a paper receipt, having a digital receipt sent to your email in-box or you can choose to receive no paper/digital receipt at all.

The choice is yours each time your visit. 

If the Library has no email address for your account, you’ll only have the choice of a paper receipt or no receipt. Just let us know if you wish to add an email address to your record. Emails are a very efficient way for us to reach you and we keep such information well protected.

No matter your receipt preferences, your account online will always have an up-to-date record of what you’ve borrowed and when it’s due.






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  1. Anne Griffith says:

    Hooray! I come to the library every week and haven;’t had an overdue book in years. the due date slips have just been wastes of paper for me.

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