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All You Need is (Picture Books on) Love

Because all you need is love, and books.

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, help your little ones to celebrate love with these picture books about that best of four-letter words:


Miss Mousie’s Blind Date
by Tim Beiser

Age: 3+
Miss Mousie can think of nothing better than staying in bed and hiding after she’s humiliated by a handsome rat at the mole’s deli one day. But then she receives an invitation to a date from a secret admirer and she can’t help but see who this suitor could be. Her plans to go in disguise and catch a glimpse of the mystery beau go awry, but in the end she finds that just being herself is the best way to find love.



Penguin in Love
by Salina Yoon

Age: 2+
Penguin and Bootsy love to knit and are brought together by well-meaning puffins who see a chance at love for them. The two friends travel all over the Antarctic, knitting all sorts of goodies for their animal friends, from giant whales to friendly seals. But when a blizzard separates them, the two realize that things just aren’t the same without the other.



Bear in Love
by Daniel Pinkwater

Age: 2+
Someone keeps leaving delicious carrots for Bear, but Bear can never seem to sneak a peek of his wooer. He finds extra special treats to leave for his secretive friend, but it’s only when he sings a special song that he finally gets to meet his new–and very small–love.



Apple Cake: A Recipe for Love
by Julie Paschkis

Age: 3+
Alfonso will do anything to get Ida’s attention, but all she ever wants to do is read her book. So he decides to bake her an apple cake infused with magical things–butter squeezed from the sun, an egg harvested from the highest nest, flour gleaned from the stars, and just three small wishes. As the delicious smell wafts toward Ida, something even more miraculous happens: she puts down her book.



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