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Picture Books for Earth Day

Looking for Earth-Friendly Activities for Kids?

Take a hike, plant something in your garden, or visit Long Branch or Gulf Branch Nature Center! Then leaf through our very green collection, and uncover a few more seedlings:

Picture Books

These Seas Count!
by Alison Formento

In this counting book, a class learns about the importance of having clean, healthy oceans and waterways.



Miss Fox’s Class Goes Green
by Eileen Spinelli

Miss Fox’s class learns about the everyday activities they can do to lessen their impact on the earth.




Bag in the Wind
by Ted Kooser

A plastic bag in a landfill is caught in the wind  and travels around a community. The author includes a note about the importance of recycling whenever possible.



Just a Dream
by Chris Van Allsburg

Walter dreams about a bleak future for an Earth that is destroyed by pollution and over-use of natural resources. When he awakens, he has a renewed commitment to treating our planet just a little bit better.




Where Once There Was a Wood
by Denise Fleming

When forests and other natural habitats are destroyed for development, many animals and wildlife are displaced. Denise Fleming’s collage and simple prose tell the story of the life that used to live in our ever-urbanizing environment.



The Trouble with Dragons
by Debi Gliori

In this rhyming story, dragons are the culprits behind the destruction of the planet. But fortunately for them, other animals are there to clean up their messes, show how to use resources in moderation, and demonstrate how to give back to the earth.


Easy Readers

Every day is Earth Day
by Jane O’Connor

Katie Saves the Earth
by Fran Manushkin



Re-Greening the Environment
by Suzy Gazlay

Find out about careers in helping to rebuild and conserve the environment.


Recycle This Book

You don’t have to be a scientist to help save the environment. In this book, children’s authors from Gail Gibbons to Gary D. Schmidt give tips to their readers about the small things they can do to help our planet thrive.




Outdoor Crafts: Lots of Fun Things to Make and Do Outside

From making fairy rings to planting pet-friendly vegetation, there are many ways to celebrate the outdoors by making things from natural and reused materials.




Catch the Wind, Harness the Sun
by Michael Caduto

Saving energy and harnessing renewable energy can sometimes require a lot of money and equipment. But this book shows kids simple ways to conserve energy, from something as simple as drying clothes on a line in the sun, to creating a bicycle-powered battery.




Earth Day Escapade
by Carolyn Keene

Save the Earth!
by Abby Klein



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