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The Case for Libraries

Why we’re here.

We’ll let Lillian’s letter speak for itself.

Lillian's letter page

Arlington Traditional School

855 North Edison Street

Arlington, VA 22205

May 1, 2014


Arlington Central Library

1015 North Quincy Street

Arlington, VA 22201


To Whom It May Concern:


My name is Lillian and I am a fourth grader in Arlington Traditional School. I’m 10 years old and I LOVE books. The reason of this letter is to tell you how I love your service.

I got my library card for my 10th birthday. I loved it! I carry it wherever I go. If a friend and I are bored, we would go straight to the Central Library. I also like the computer service. Keep it up! I visit the library almost every week. Even if I don’t need to check out a book, I would just stroll in. Sooner or later, I would find myself on a chair with a book in my hands.

I also like how the library get[s] new books often and let[s] people check out playaways, CD’s, DVD’s, kindle books, and lots more! There are so many advantages about the Central Library, I can’t even list them.



Mrs. Burkert’s Class

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