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5 Picture Books about Turtles

They Carry Their Houses Wherever they Go…

Summer is a great time for you and your little one to read all about turtles – and maybe you’ll meet a real one too!


Melvin and the Boy
by Lauren Castillo

A wonderful story about a boy who finds a turtle and tries to make him his pet. But he realizes that the turtle is happiest when he is free.




Box Turtle at Long Pond
by William T. George

Follow a box turtle through his long day of finding food, dodging raccoons, and finding a warm place to sleep.




Turtle Splash! Countdown at the Pond
by Cathryn Falwell

Ten turtles sit on a log in the pond, but other wildlife scare them off one by one.





The Aminal
by Lorna Balian

Patrick has found a fearsome, green beast while out on his wanderings. Or so his friends think, until they see what the “aminal” really is.






Turtle Crossing
by Rick Chrustowski

Follow the life of a painted turtle, from the time she’s a little hatchling until she is laying her very own baby turtle eggs.






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