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What Were These Men Doing?

Mystery Photo Answered

Thank you to everyone who participated in the interactive portion of the Local History Center’s “Treasures from the Vault” exhibit at the Central Library last month.

County employees in wet suits mediumIn the exhibit we asked visitors to guess what these two Arlington County employees were getting ready to do.

Here are some of our favorite responses:

  1. Studying amphibians at Ballston Pond
  2. Feeding the local Loch Ness Monster
  3. Fixing bridge supports
  4. Search and Rescue
  5. Space travel
  6. Diving to the bottom of the Key Bridge to look for lost car keys
  7. Searching for Atlantis
  8. Repairing leaky pipes
  9. River cleanup
  10. Working on Metro’s Orange line tunnel under the Potomac
  11. Exploring underwater for new life or fossils
  12. Modelling jumpsuits
  13. Selling makeup (If you look closely you’ll notice an Avon label on their gear)

The correct answer:

These are two Arlington County Public Works employees gearing up to repair a water main break under the Key Chain Bridge.


Help Our Collection Grow

If you have any interesting photos that help tell Arlington’s story please consider donating them to the Local History Center or allowing us to scan them.

For more information, stop by our Research Room on the first floor of the Central Library. You can also call us at 703-228-5966 or email us


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  1. John brough says:

    Great picture but I think it’s under Chain Bridge?

    • Web Editor says:

      You’re absolutely right John – we knew that, but wrote it down wrong at some point and then no one caught the error… We’ll fix it now!

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