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American Girl Lending Program FAQ

Placing Holds and Borrowing

How Do I Borrow an American Girl Doll?
Place a doll on hold through the Library catalog.

Where Do I Pick Up My Hold?
American Girl Dolls will be delivered to the Library location of your choice, but will not be shelved on the self-service hold shelves.
Pick up your hold:

  • At Central Library – the Youth Services Desk
  • At Branch Libraries – the Service Desk

What is the Borrowing Period?
One week (7 days)

Where Do I Return My Doll?
Dolls can be returned to any Library location:

  • At Central Library – the Youth Services Desk
  • At Branch Libraries – the Service Desk

Please do not return dolls in the Book Returns.


What Comes in an American Girl Kit?

Each kit includes:


How Do I Care for a Doll?

Please do:

  • Brush and style your doll’s hair.
  • Clean your doll’s face when necessary.  Instructions: Protect your doll by pulling her hair back from her face and cover her clothing. Mix 1 Tablespoon of baking soda with warm water, then dip a washcloth in warm water and rub the doll’s face with the baking soda paste, being careful not to get her eyes wet. When finished, dry her face with a soft towel.

Please do not:

  • Cut or shampoo her hair (the hair can get frizzy and damaged.)


How is the Program Funded?

The American Girl Doll Lending Program is made possible by the Friends of the Arlington Public Library.


Can I donate to the Program?

We welcome donations of historic like-new or used-but-in-good-condition American Girl Dolls, including the historic characters that can no longer be purchased. And donations are tax deductible!

Contact Anne Womack at to contribute, or for more information.


Visit the American Girl Lending Program page to keep up with all the news!