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Guidelines for Using Archival Material

1)    Please exercise care and good judgement in handling our collections

(a)  use only one box or folder at a time

(b)  maintain the filing order of the materials within each box and folder

(c)  do not trace or rub any portion of a map, photo, or document

(d)  use pencils only

(e)  use gloves for handling original photos; gloves will be provided by staff

2)    The staff of the Center may, in some instances, limit the number of materials served to any researcher at one time.  The staff may also serve copies when originals are extremely rare or fragile.

3)    A copy machine is available for patron use.  Please obtain permission to copy archives, manuscripts, maps, photos, and clippings.

4)    Photographic reproduction is possible with permission from a staff member.  Please speak to the staff for details and costs.

5)    The patron is responsible for obtaining any necessary copyright interests and/or literary rights from the owners/donors/heirs pursuant to publishing any work, which cites, reproduces, or interprets non-published materials.  The library will not assume responsibility for infringement or libel.

6)    All published works, research papers, and exhibits which are based on, have reproductions of, or have been interpreted from the Center for Local History non-published holdings must give credit to:  Arlington Public Library, Center for Local History.

7)    Please notify a staff member when you have finished using your materials.