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Internet Access Policy

Arlington Public Library Acceptable Use Policy

For Public Workstations and Wireless Internet Access

Arlington Public Library’s public computers and wireless access services provide essential access points for Internet browsing. Although the Internet is rich in resources, websites change rapidly and unpredictably. They do not always provide accurate or complete information and may include information some users find offensive or inappropriate. The sites visited and the information retrieved by personal Internet browsing have not been selected for the library collection. The library is responsible for Internet access only.

In compliance with Virginia Code §42.1-36.1, Arlington Public Library employs commercial filtering software to block the display of illegal and offensive material on all public computers with Internet access. Filtering software is not 100% effective. It may inadvertently allow access to content intended to be blocked, and may block unobjectionable content. Persons 18 years of age or older conducting bona fide research or using the Internet for other lawful purposes may request unfiltered Internet access.

All library locations provide free, high-speed wireless access to the Internet through Arlington County’s public access network. Use of the wireless service requires acceptance of and compliance with Arlington County’s Wireless Service Agreement and Acceptable Use Policies.

Parents or guardians, not the library and its staff, are responsible for the information selected and the sites visited on the Internet by their children, and for supervising their children’s Internet sessions on Library public computers and on personal computers used in the Library.

Library computers are in a public area and information viewed on the screen may be visible to patrons of all ages. All users are asked to view content appropriate to a public space and respect the privacy of others. Library staff may ask you to use a privacy screen if other patrons express concern about the nature of your web browsing.

Any use of library computers and/or Internet access that interferes with the activities of the library or its network or is in violation of Virginia Code §18.2-374.1:1 (child pornography), Virginia Code §18.2-372 (obscene materials) or §18.2-390 (materials deemed harmful to juveniles) is prohibited. Arlington Public Library will cooperate with legal authorities in the investigation of alleged crimes or civil wrongs in accordance with existing Library policy and procedures.

(Adopted 6/20/95 – Arlington Public Library Leadership Team; amended and approved 9/5/12.)