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Photographing Policy

At any official Library-sponsored event that is to be photographed or videotaped by Library/County staff, an announcement will be made at the start of the program informing attendees that the images are being taken for the Library’s news, archival or promotional purposes. Signs with this explanation also will be displayed. Those who do not wish to be recorded should notify a staff member to be accommodated.

If close-up images of audience members are taken, particularly of children, permission to use the images for publicity must be obtained through an official Arlington County consent/talent release form (available on the AC Source intranet). Those forms will remain on file with the Library department sponsoring the event.

Non-Library/County organizations wishing to take photographs or video at any Arlington Public Library location must coordinate with the Library’s public information officer by phone 703-228-0590 or at


(Adopted 12/15/09-Arlington Public Library Leadership Team)