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Public Computer Rules

General Rules

Anyone who uses the Library’s computing and information resources must adhere to the Rules Governing the Use of the Library.  To ensure fair and proper use of the Library’s computers, users may not:

  • Engage in illegal activities such as tampering with computer hardware or software; unauthorized entry into any computer system; or vandalism or destruction of computer files. Such activity is a crime under state and federal statutes;
  • Knowingly or inadvertently spread computer viruses. Computer viruses are programs developed as pranks which can destroy programs and data. Such activity is a crime under state and federal statutes;
  • Use computers for any illegal or criminal purpose;
  • Violate copyright laws regarding software, information and attributions of authorship;
  • Violate software licensing agreements;
  • Use computer facilities for fee-based tutoring or instructional purposes;
  • Use/download/upload non-Library software programs;
  • Save files or programs to computer hard drives;
  • Exceed two-person maximum number of users per computer.

The Library relies on the cooperation of computer users to provide shared access to resources. Violations of these acceptable use rules may result in an immediate loss of access.

Limitation of Liability

All users agree to hold the Library harmless from any and all claims, losses, damages, obligations or liabilities directly or indirectly related to the use of its computing and information resources, caused thereby, or arising therefrom.

Privacy Statement

The Library will protect a user’s right to privacy and confidentiality and keep confidential any information that resides on its computers. However, electronic communication is not secure, and computers are susceptible to outside intervention. The Library does not reveal information about an individual’s use of computer resources, unless compelled by law.