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American Girl History Exhibit

What was life like in Arlington in the 1850s? Or the 1940s?

As part of the library’s American Girl lending program, the staff of the Virginia Room has put together three slide shows about life in Arlington during the times of Marie-Grace and CécileMolly and Julie.

  • Learn about Arlington back in the 1850s, when Marie-Grace and Cécile were growing up in New Orleans…
  • Find out what life was like in Arlington during World War II, in Molly’s time…
  • Arlington is pretty far from San Francisco, but when Julie was growing up in the 1970s, things were changing for women all across the country!

You can also download and print all of the dolls’ history cards – copies of which travel with each of the Library’s American Girl Dolls Kits.


Marie-Grace and Cécile – 1850s


Molly – 1940s


Julie – 1970s


Learn more about the American Girl Lending Program.