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Little Free Libraries Project

What is a Little Free Library?

It’s a miniature town square, a gathering place where neighbors share their favorite literature and stories. It’s a box where anyone can stop by and pick up a good book and leave another to share.

Little Free Libraries encourage reading by placing free books in unexpected places, and strengthen community ties through sharing and stewardship.


Partnership between Arlington Public Library and TechShop DC

Little Free Libraries on display at CHP

Little Free Libraries designed and built by TechShop DC members.

By designing and building the first set of Little Free Libraries for Arlington County’s public spaces, TechShop DC members support the Library’s mission to provide literature for residents in all parts of Arlington County, while strengthening connections across our shared community.

Placement of each of these Little Free Libraries is determined by Library staff, after which they are registered with, and placed on the official Little Free Library map.

Cost of building materials funded in part by the Friends of the Arlington Public Library. 


Interested in starting your own Little Free Library?

Visit the Little Free website to learn more about them.