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Donate Your Historic American Girl Doll

And Help Us Promote Reading and History in Arlington

Donate the Historic American Girl doll taking up space in your closet to the American Girl Lending Program!

We are currently most in need of Kaya, Felicity and Samantha:

Request for donations Kaya Felicity Samantha

We will also happily take donations of other Historical Character dolls, in any condition and with as much of their clothing and accessories as you have.

The Library’s American Girl Lending Program allows members to check out a historic American Girl Doll for one week, along with her first book and information about growing up in Arlington during her era. Since its spring 2013 launch, the program has been a huge success, receiving national media attention and rave reviews from both children and parents – and creating hundreds of holds for each doll.

Did you know that the American Girl company occasionally retires a doll? 

It happened to Samantha (the Victorian era doll) in 2009, to Felicity (the Colonial era doll) in 2010, and will happen soon to Molly (the World War II doll).

The Library can’t buy retired dolls to add to our collection, so when someone donates a Samantha or Felicity doll, we really need to find more of each in order to meet the holds!


Contact Anne Womack via email at or 703-228-3349 for more information.


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  1. Sara Firmen says:

    I have only one American girl doll!

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